Hoffman Hall

Sober Living Homes

Help Yourself to a NEW sober life at Hoffman Hall

Hoffman Hall is a group of sober living homes. Each home has a unique feel and distinct dynamic. We welcome men and women ages eighteen and up to a new found power that is life at Hoffman Hall. Consider a drug and alcohol free life at Hoffman Hall.

Our services

At Hoffman Hall, we aren’t just a roof over your head. We provide a system where you can achieve balance in your life by improving the whole self and putting the “pieces” together. 

Safe environment

Recovery takes time and attention. Our homes provide a space where you can begin to establish habits and patterns of life that are conducive to recovery.


Recovery happens when we have a strong support system. Our homes encourage healthy activities centered around interaction with others.


Our homes provide a space where growth is possible in multiple aspects of life.

We have seven homes around the Albuquerque Area. See all locations and Learn more about them by clicking the title above.


"Living at Hoffman Hall is just another step on the road to recovery. Living here is simple and rewarding. I can't imagine working on myself in a better place."
"Coming here [to Hoffman Hall] has definitely changed my life for the best! 31 days clean and sober today!"
Luvely B.