Who we are

Hoffman Hall is a group of sober living homes in New Mexico designed to help those who are recovering from addiction. We are different from a rehab center. Rehab centers are more intensive with less freedom. Our sober living homes are for those that are working on staying sober while slowly transitioning to normal life. At Hoffman Hall you are expected to be responsible for yourself, while having the added benefit of the structure and support that our homes provide. 

What We Do

At Hoffman Hall, we provide an opportunity to address the whole self to achieve success in you recovery process. In order to attain satisfaction in your journey, multiple aspects of daily life need to be addressed and we can help you do that. Here are four factors that you can address while living at Hoffman Hall:


The body does not recover overnight. Once we have established a pattern of life conducive with recovery, we need to maintain it. We also need to be aware of our surroundings. We promote recycling, reducing energy consumption, and taking good care of what we have.


We encourage you to continue seeking knowledge and wisdom by investigating things that interest you and going after them with vigor and humility, while always asking for inspiration or an intuitive thought. We can then use what we learn to help ourselves and those around us.


Disturbed thinking, depression, and loneliness don’t go away easily. Service to others helps those states of being. It enables us to achieve a higher level of functioning and be a healthy, functional member of society. At Hoffman Hall you have a built in community. We encourage healthy activities and we provide opportunities for service work. 


It’s important to stay fit spiritually by practicing spiritual principles and maintaining a conscious contact with something greater than our own thinking. We encourage 12 step programs and religious affiliations to grow in effectiveness.

Our Services

Residents are accepted from all walks of life.
We advocate for achieving balance through
setting and obtaining meaningful goals. Also,
if they arrive with nothing, Hoffman Hall will
help them obtain: Food, Clothing, Birth
Certificates, IDs, SNAP Benefits, and Job
Development & Placement.

Assessments, individual and group
counseling, intensive outpatient,
psychotropic medication, and vocational

Assistance applying for Medicaid/Medicare,
SSI/SSDI, setting up medical transportation,
and assistance with locating a primary care
physician that will meet the residents’ needs,
and handicap accessible homes are available.

Residents are provided the
opportunity to strengthen their
success in recovery through
structure and accountability. Service
positions are available which
encourage a sense of respect for self
and others. Leadership skills are
gained through supportive guidance
which in-turn provide healthy
role-models for newly sober

Our Director and Crew

Hoffman Hall uses in house resident staff to oversee the simple rules of a Hoffman Hall sober life. They are people in recovery, after all, and understand the difficult road ahead. Our Director, Robert, has been through our program and is now helping others commit to a sober way of life.

To learn more about Robert, his story, and how Hoffman Hall has aided in his journey, click below!